22 Sep 2017, 13:23

Is Flex Tape Worthwhile?


Everyone at some point in time has had a need to fix some kind of leak. It might have been an air flow or a water leak. They could be a challenge to not just repair except to make sure that the fix works although in regards to water leaks. Now about some products, we’ve talked in the past to help stop leaks so will the offering for this sort of product work better that is Flex Tape?


Flex Tape comes in three sizes. It’s supposed to be simple to use. You cut on the size of this item you want and stick it.

The Claim

The promoters of Flex Tape are currently making some pretty bold claims. They are saying that Flex Tape functions in every situation. They show it being used. Then if you saw the advertisement it shows a ship being cut in half combined together with Flex Tape. With no leaks.

The Hype

Then it revolutionizes how escapes can be addressed if Flex Tape lives up to all that it’s touted as being able to perform. Without needing to drain the water, the bonus is being able to repair spas, pools and yes fish tanks. For those people who are not with a fix like this will be beneficial.

The Price Tag

Flex Tape comes in three sizes. 4” x 5 $19.99 or Jumbo 8” x 5 $29.99, and then There’s Giant which is

12” x 10 $49.99. To these costs, you want to add the shipping costs of $9.99 shipping PLUS $9.99 processing. Included in your order you will have a choice of a can of Flex Seal Liquid(flexreviews.org) or a tin of Flex Seal or Flex Shot.

The Commitment

It looks like it isn’t likely to take much of an effort. It will be a matter of identifying the leak applying the tape.


There was lots of fuss made over them since they were promoted when a number of the flex products hit the market. 1 concern is, so that they are taking a fresh approach have the market floods with these Flex products. Or, is Flex Tape up a step in improvements over the goods. Meaning that its process to use the tape as opposed to go through the actions necessary for the goods. The Flex Tape is still new in the marketplace which it has not really gotten any comments as yet.

Final Flex Tape Review

We’re leaning towards providing a to the Flex Tape. The comments on the Flex goods are blended, with seeming. For people who don’t have a person to repair a leak, then have a roster of Flex Tape on hand might be beneficial. 1 thing that’s not impressive is the price of the item is hefty but even more so once you add on the shipping price. THEN the charges. This will take up the cost way to the point where the question should be asked is it worthwhile.